Verification Application and Process



4 Social Local

4 is a search and discovery service which provides verification and promotion services to support the marketing challenges faced by social ventures and enterprises. 4 SocialLocal services enable social ventures and enterprises to distinguish themselves from other businesses and engage customers. 4 SocialLocal helps people find and easily identify social businesses, brands and charities they can trust and, that demonstrate the significance and impact of being a social venture.

4 Social Authentication and Verification Includes:

  • Business Information
  • Social Venture Information
  • Social Impact Activity
  • Licensing: Relevant Business Licensing
  • Certifications
  • Marketing
  • Use of 4 Social Verified Name/Logo

4 Social Authentication and Verification Application:

To be eligible for 4 Social Verification, the social venture must:

  • Have a defined primary social mission or purpose which it can verify through the interview process and includes provision of evidence
  • Derive a portion of its revenues from the sales of goods and services
  • Allocate percentage of annual revenues or profits towards achieving its stated social purpose

Note: Sometimes some social ventures may reflect different social impact initiatives and may require separate listings to reflect the program. If you are unsure, please lets us know during the interview and verification process. In the meantime, you can check out the FAQs to help address outstanding questions