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PROJECT: RESTORE FIBI exists to serve and support families who have a loved one behind bars. We are FAMILY-FOCUSED. This means that our approach centres on the family as a whole and the provision of holistic family services, which are further complemented by one-on-one focused support for individual family members. We believe that if we focus on restoring families then we can transform communities. Therefore, we: – Use a “family-first” model to re-emphasize the importance of strong family relationships and integrity (values and stability) – Empower family members through personal responsibility, mentorship and accountability and help them to establish sustainable networks of support – Teach families how to develop their family dynamic of healthy habits, appropriate boundaries, and daily routines that encourage consistent, responsible choices, actions, and lifestyles VISION: Seeing families strengthened, affirmed and included, AGAINST ALL ODDS, for stronger communities and brighter futures. Project: Restore FIBI provides services to facilitate the restoration of families impacted by incarceration. MISSION: Keeping families intact and thriving! The goal of Project: Restore FIBI is to strengthen the family unit and through those relationships, and increased connectedness, mitigate the negative effects of incarceration. This ‘family-focused, family-first’ approach enables solutions and services that address both direct and indirect interactions with the criminal justice system and interrupt personal, generational, and intergenerational cycles of incarceration and its inevitable impact. KEY OBJECTIVES - To support the development of GREAT families who become imperative members invested in the creation, promotion and strengthening of their GREAT communities; - To provide a SAFE COMMUNITY for women – who have a spouse/partner, child, or family member incarcerated – to share their stories, knowledge, and resources with one another; while also building healthy relationships, time for self-love and nurturing, and plans for a bright and successful future; - To correct the NARRATIVE of children impacted by parental or familial incarceration so they do not define themselves or their future possibilities by the actions of their incarcerated family member; but, instead are provided with equitable access to inspiring perspectives, life-changing opportunities, positive community supports, and mental health and trauma responsive services; and - To share the PERSONAL STORIES of the Canadian families impacted by the Justice System; creating awareness, and establishing a framework for vital restorative systemic and community supports

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